ISANDO TECHNOLOGIES was originally founded in 2001 when three principals with enthusiasm and dedication to Software and Database Developments, Applications, Apps, Networks and Cyber Threat Prevention made a decision to offer a wider range of services to the public. Prior to that, we have been working on Websites and Shop Systems since mid 90s, but it took us a while to realize the potential. Starting from Offices in Ireland and Switzerland, we maintain now multiple locations in Europe and in the meantime, Software Engineering, Apps Developments, and Database Engineering became a major part of the business. However, our IT-consulting regarding Cyber Risk Prevention and IT-Risk Management has been always an integral part of our business as Protection against Cyber Threats is core.

Being quite successful, we made a transformation from a local business to a renowned international company.

ISANDO TECHNOLOGIES is a privately held group of companies with offices in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Czechia, Malta and Cyprus. Furthermore, we maintain Development Centers for Nearshoring Activities in multiple locations. All our activities are steered through our main offices in Switzerland and the Netherlands, enabling us to compete with attractive pricing and without losing our “Swissness”.

Over the past decade, we created a good network and portfolio of much sought after IT-Services for Software companies, Gaming Industry and the Tax, Legal and Financial Sector and Businesses /SME’s using online platform services such as online payments. All Data streams are strictly separated in Data Centers in Switzerland and European Countries (Germany, Ireland, Czechia), enabling us to offer dedicated services and strategies without facing obstructions due to different legal frameworks in Europe (EU) and Switzerland.

In the future we may strengthen our branding, offering Cybersecurity Services via our trademark DIGITELLIGENCE and Software, App and Database Developments directly under ISANDO TECHNOLOGIES.

Backed by a Swiss-based Finance Company and a regional Bank, we are able to manage even larger projects.


We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate IT-Experts with outstanding experience in aforementioned sectors.

A word from our CIO

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Why choose us

Cyber Security & Prevention

Cyber attacks are skyrocketing. And even more threatening than the sheer volume of attacks is their increasing quality and complexity of methods used.

Strategic Risk Planning

Cyber Security Threats continue to be a major issue for both businesses and individuals. The question is not if an attack will happen rather then when it will be.

24/7 Monitoring

Cyber Security Threats continue to be a major issue for both businesses and individuals with a reported 117,339 incoming cyber-attacks every day.

Database Developments

A range of Development tools help database developers build and maintain proper and flawless database structures to support uncounted business applications.

Network Solutions

Doing what`s possible to protect your IT-network against Cyber Threats and Cyber crime. Speak to us to implement the latest technical solutions.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is a structured approach to the design, development and maintenance of software and important to address the issues of low-quality software projects.

Our mission

We want to offer sophisticated but affordable Cyber Security Tools to small Businesses and SME’s, focussed on a simplyfied Set-up and handy controls.

We know what we need to do to create bespoke Network Solutions, bringing enhanced Security Standards to each and any business, giving them the protection they need against Cyber Threads.

  • Enhanced Network Solutions for smaller Budgets
  • Risk reduction due to rigorous processes
  • 24/7 remote Monitoring & Task Force
  • Easy onboarding Process
  • Network Controls on all Devices
  • Alerts to Chain of Command in case of Incident
  • Generating outstanding value
  • Staff Education & Seminars

Our experience

Cyber Security Solutions 97%
Strategic Risk Planning 94%
Network Solutions 97%
Software & Applications 96%

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